• Cost


Initial consult0 (Includes initial X-ray)
Records and planning120 (Part of the total fee if you would like to proceed)
Interceptive treatment3 to 12 months€400 – €1200; (depending on complexity)
Minor alignments3 to 12 monthsfee depends on extent of work
Comprehensive upper & lower fixed appliances (metal brace)14 to 30 months€3500 – €4500 depending on complexity
Comprehensive upper and lower fixed appliances (ceramic or Invisalign)14 to 30 monthsclear brackets €350-4500 (additional €200 – €500 depending on complexity) Fee quoted will be valid for 6 months from recieveing it.

Payment Options

Monthly direct debit.

Direct debit payments of €50.00 per week or €200 per month.

Example €950 at 0, 6, 12 and 18 months


Tax relief can be claimed on your own behalf or on the behalf of a dependant and certain others. From January 2009 you are entitled to seek relief at 20%.

The Form Med 2 is available from your local tax office or online at www.revenue.ie. We can fill out a Med 2 form for you which can then be given to your accountant or posted online.

Relief can also be claimed for certain non-routine dental expenses, including bridgework, crowns, tip replacing, root canal, gum disease treatment and surgical extraction of wisdom teeth.


Once the appliances are removed the retention phase of treatment begins. Retention is essential to prevent any unwanted tooth movements following treatment. The treatment fee includes retention check appointments at 3, 12 and 24 months following removal of braces. Following this time you should bring your retainers to your General Dental Practitioner check ups or you may wish to attend this practice where a visit fee will be charged. Teeth shift and settle as we get older, similar to the face in general. Permanent retainers may be worn.


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